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The salty wet kiss. A few seconds transcending the eternity

(image from one of my favourite movies "La Piscine" 1969)

I can't help it...Maybe being romantic doesn't match with my visual aesthetic, strong sexy and empowering, but, I'm the person who cries after a deep gratitude meditation, because, well...because I'm happy and super grateful.
I catch myself for years writing and hiding my words about love, probably I was too afraid to look weak..and something I've been noticing is, most of the people mistake kind gestures with weakness...Mistake gratitude and compliments with weakness...I get surprised all the time with this type of feedback.
I was at my gramma place for lunch and before it, I thank her for the beautiful food preparation and lovely table, and she, laughing said "amen"...In a sarcastic way. I didn't understand why... I didn't get offended but I'm just paying attention in some "normal" behaviours.
Anyway, I'm very happy lately demonstrating more of my gratitude, and with my daily deep meditation routine.
I was wondering this morning a scene in my fav place on earth, Positano..I love Italian summer. You breathe love. I'm not sure for who I wrote that or if is just a wish, or if I visualised a couple in a love scene. But while you read try to imagine. Is a beautiful scene...

First, play my Mediterranean playlist...

"A wet kiss by a guy who just runs out the sea for your beloved one arms, taste like the eternity. That's how I can define eternity in a love aspect.
Can be very pleasant...A salty wet kiss when the sun is high as our passion and admiration. But without the connection of values and consistency with mind body and soul, will become just a distraction. A distracting kiss. Not enough.
Let's not content with not enough. In a certain way, I doubt. In such special moment in such special place, probably and almost sure the universe would never put a common person with someone so special and transcendent like you, the higher self just attracts other higher ones. So, I can call it love. The salty wet kiss. A few seconds transcending the eternity"

Sending love,

Vintage Picks and a Very Romantic Perspective

(The lyric is the Baudelaire Poem "Le Serpent qui danse" poem from his classic book "Fleurs du mal")

Well, I always share some photos and music with you guys since 2007, but I never talk properly about it. My favorite hobby is to do some researches in the Vintage World, obviously this help a lot my job in all forms.
So tonight, sunday night, I'm listening to Gainsbourg and 70's porn movies soundtrack picking some cool vintage outfits for our week. 
Here my favorites w/ a short story below the images:

1994 Renalto Balestra Metallic Blue Halter Gown with Shawl

So, obviously the sunday mood are doing something with my brain, as usual. I'm just thinking if I was fucking obscene rich I would throw away my sweatpants and wear something which match properly my personality. So, I opened my browser and the first piece who I fall this night: A 94 Balestra Gown in a very annoying Blue; You know, love is not always 100% fun and beauty so, let's not complain about the color.

1980s Chanel Striped Cotton Pajamas

PJ'S?? Really? Probably if we organize this look with a hat and clean flip flops people around will say we are  some excentric person from British Royalty. I'm just so down for this look.

1960s Pierre Cardin Ivory and Green Silk Print Ostritch Feather Trim Dress

I definitely have a feeling about this dress. Not my scene to be honest but I had a vision wearing this on a side of some piano who i never played, so that's something. I LOVE Cardin and all about him, so when I notice me "not exactly liking" something he designed, I create a story and organize my thoughts. In the end of a sentence, like here, I'm falling in love for the piece.
Very Sunday also, brunch hour. Merveilleux!! 

1980s Gianni Versace Velvet "Medusa" Mules

The Mules comeback sound very familiar to me, literally. My mom used to wear a lot when i was 6,7. She was pretty cool. I have no idea why I have none of them! I will definitely put my shit together and get one. Keep Watchin'

1960s Bill Tice for Malcolm Starr Navy Blue Silk Sequin Beaded Gown

My coffee just get cold and I'm hungry but this Bill Tice Dress is more important at moment. I think about this piece not as a Gown, but with flat boots, unkle ones maybe with a messy hair but good skin smoking a cigarette. Very casual. Am I wrong? Maybe is this french music I'm listening to. Romantic visions

Emilio Pucci Mini-Dress - 1980s

The type of dress which should be the new "little black dress" - BASIC! MUST HAVE! Really, can we fight against this? Never. A classic Pucci. Brilliant. Let me get my 60s fake long lashes and dance barefoot on my orange carpet wearing this baby

1980s Burgundy 100% Scottish Cashmere Chanel Sweater

Ok, I'm more civilized now about what people should wear on sundays... Not for to long. Classic cut and a very winter color I'm so in! Probably with a cup of fresh tea or coffee wearing this sweater, in a rainy day, watching some classics, you feel complete.
Very, very charming

Emilio Pucci Cotton Velvet High Waisted Hot Pants With Fringe Trim, Circa 1970's

So, we are in the Frech Riviera, after Cannes week. You get so bored at time then go for a walk by yourself after a party hard weekend. Stop for a coffee, read a paper and a tanned tall french guy ask you for a lighter. When you accept his invitation to a vespa ride around, you probably will be wearing this shorts.
So, ok, we don't need more details.A super fun piece. Designed for adventures and long legs individuals.

80's Thierry Mugler 2 piece outfit

Well.. You still with the french homme who you met in the coffee place. If you already watched to "Bonjour Tristesse" the scene who involve you guys are definitely a warm night by the sea, in the backyard of your villa. After a night-swim and a perfect sleep on his arms, you choose this look for the outside brunch with no makeup on. Who need make up on when you are extremely happy and in love?

1960s Missoni Dress and Coat Ensemble

So cute. And I'm not even into "cute" outfits. My coffee still cold but, I can't go without finish and share this very special Vintage Picks. 
This Missoni dress + coat are just amazing. How fucking cool is to go for a quick shop wearing this beauty? I just realize i love gown and sparkling pieces with a messy hair + wrong shoes on. All for your state of spirit, not to look like classy or fashion. So, my forever mood even I'm not into blue at all. We definitely can't recuse this beauty.

Romeo Gigli Velveteen Swagger Coat, Circa 1980's

Deadly. Swagger Coat is the perfect name btw; I just saw me wearing this piece everyday until someone from my family hide from me, because it's just too much. So, this said, I'm going to prepare a fresh 01:30 AM coffee.

(You can check deeply my fashion, art, design, architecture picks on my pinterest. Also, my brain have a instagram account where have daily inspiration in all this sectors, you should follow)


PS: All Image Rights on the collages are from 1stdibs website and the text and collages restrictly from this website.

People in Transit

"People In Transit"
my latest fleeting romance

Our chat was a blast but maybe you are some sort of a computer
When you where swimming my way
I saw the embeds
I saw the numbers
But I stayed, for a while
I will not cover up the story saying just the assholes will switch all my greatness up
But you prefer the distractions
Not who is prepared
Never, what I once for a few hours
My soul flows
All devotion, the fleeting devotion was killed in time

I have a different romantic sight
I’m a short-term romantic
I like the small doses of soul, the quick connection
I fall in love with their words and the way their look through the world
I live this feeling for a while not for long
Sometimes and mostly, just for a few days
The melancholy to not have, inspire me
Sometimes their get back
I like to call us "people in transit"
So I enjoy every part of love and inspiration of our greatness, even the bitter greatness we share with each other
I bring to life, I feel it much, and writing I let our story go, with loads of love 

I will become personal
In some way I feel you have lot to say and share
About life, about music, cinema, yourself
That’s what I get attached in a gentle way in people
What’s their ideas about literature, emotions and aesthetics 
I want someone to prove me wrong, or at least, show me a side I’ve never saw
Even if  I'm sleeping on it
Mostly, I do not agree but I feel the joy of the new, and the respect of each other perspective

A love without a lover
Or with a lot of lovers
Inside my soul, keeping a room, cozy room
Cool candles

Sometimes is like a half a hour talk, but some can be more present then some who I talk everyday, at work, or at the gym
We never know why exactly

Meantime I feel 200%
I care
I know the whole process of my heart and head
After a few years I get it, will pass
Sometimes take years
Had times which still going on
You, if you want to know, will take a few days or weeks
Because of the misunderstanding of my part
Or yours

I used to think I was always falling in love
Not always romantically
Sometimes in a soul form
Now I know we need more
To give and receive love
Nothing matters
We have no choice when the subject is love
What I'm writing here, I would be confused
If was love, I would be writing in a non sense way, my favorite words
But I’m not

I don’t care about your music
I’m more interested in your heart and soul
Or I had a misunderstanding vibe come from your words and songs

Stole my mind and solve your crimes.


plastic flowers

There was a time I tried too hard... I can say I was making more money but I was cheating myself in some way, unconsciously, creatively talking.
A few years ago lot of shit happened, so I had two triggers..one in my left hand, another one in my right hand.I had to make a choice, but I was not happy with none of that options..So I leave on the floor what was intented and expect me to do, and I start to believe I'm able to create my own reality, even when the options are tempting, sometimes is not the path you truly believe.
So, the shit thing when doing your own way is: you need to get free of shame and just do it...The first steps of your ladder will look like trash probably...but since you start you will get better and better.. Too achieve the concrete phase will be a pain in the ass, but will you do it...And look behind and see all the trashy steps, the lazy steps, the amazing steps will make you proud of yourself, and definitely more "handy".
I started with the self portraits because I'm not egocentric enough to ask photographers click me at first...Well you know, I'm not a model or something, my thing is describe a feeling, and is kind of impossible for me let someone intervene and create the exactly feeling I'm trying to express.The whole process must be authentic, or, even loving plastic flowers, I don't want to be immortal.


Pensamentos recentes aleatorios - Português


Tenho pensado ... as pessoas temem tanto a morte, delas mesmas e de pessoas próximas. Porém, enquanto estamos aqui, vivos, pouco fazemos pelos outros.
 Pouco fazemos pelo nosso verdadeiro eu também. Essa é a maior forma de hipocrisia. Não tem nada a ver com opinião. 
Quando a pessoa escolhe não se culpar quando culpada por exemplo. Não importa quantos dedos apontem, ela não tem consciência do ato.
É um caminho pesado ter compaixão por completo. Se assumir por completo. Se perdoar por completo. A ignorância e insegurança de terceiros vão doer em você, e com esses será a grande batalha.

A liberdade é o que tem de mais emocionante e encantador no amor.
Eu posso ir embora quando quiser e você também. Simplesmente porque está com vontade. Mas citando Paulo “Tudo me é lícito, mas nem tudo me convém”.  E não queremos ir para lugares diferentes, pelo menos não por enquanto.
Saber disso torna as coisas melhores.
Apesar de que, o livre arbítrio é uma corda bamba. Geralmente os que estão seguros, pois tem certezas e sonhos totalmente planejados e estão no caminho de sua realização vivendo o presente, vão passar como se não estivessem correndo perigo, apesar de atentos. E o mais importante, alem de olhar por si próprio, atento também em quem esta na sua frente e quem esta atrás.Não com medo, mas com a intenção de facilitar seus caminhos tambem.
Já os ignorantes, os que não lutam pelos seus verdadeiros sonhos, os parecidos, os que não se importam  com o próximo, bom, eles simplesmente não se importam. E isso não é da  nossa conta.
Enquanto as pessoas buscarem legitimação de suas vontades para com os outros, não serão livres.
Qualquer religião ou doutrina que ame e endeuse algo, mais do que primeiramente o amor próprio, acho digno de duvidas. “É a vontade dele, a palavra dele, e se você não faz oq ele manda e segue suas leis, pertence ao maligno”
Vontade livre da sede de resultado, isso sim trará felicidade. Só de estar no presente em busca do que mais quer, já é incrível. Não ficar afobado e querer construir a parede inteira de uma vez. A emoção está em colocar os tijolos. E essa é a parte mais difícil onde poucos vão te ajudar. Mas, com a parede pronta, trarão quadros, variadas tintas para estilizarmos. Mas aí, pouco importa. Vamos agradecer e até oferecer um café, de qualquer forma e ver como podemos ajudar na parede dele.
“Ir para o deserto e testar sua integridade. Colocar todas as verdades na mesa e ver onde você se vende” – Felizmente, em nenhum âmbito mais. E isso, é incrível.

“Ele quer o reino, mas não naquela hora, nem daquele jeito”
“Não sejas animal, refina seu êxtase” – Transforme tudo em uma arte. Se tu amas excede. Se tu fazes algo prazeroso que aja sutileza. Assim, aprendera a desfrutar.
Pensando sobre isso.
Boa Noite

bLA BLA BLA em portugues

Listening to: Schubert

Meu computador esta sem acento e escrevi isso no caderno, achei interessante compartilhar algo em portugues..Eu geralmente escrevo em ingles pq me sinto mais confortavel mas como esse texto foi escrito assim, nao cabe a mim traduzi-lo, perderia o sentido, mesmo que talvez para voce, nao tenha muito.

"Eu não tomo como verdade nada do que esta acontecendo. Nem essa paisagem, apesar de ser o momento atual, para mim, nao é. A paisagem nunca fez parte da realidade. Cada momento que eu vivi foi dentro de mim independente do cenario. As vezes me perco, mas essas foram poucas, e imaturas vezes. 
Quando aparecem pinturas desgastadas, pessoas mais velhas e predios em construcao, me interessa.
Voce nao acha estranho a realidade aparecer tanto em construcoes antigas? Quase nada nas coisas novas. Sem meio termo.
 Imagine tudo isso vazio, todos esses predios em volta, vazios. Entrar em casa por casa e visualizar o que foi vivido ali, ler as anotacoes deixadas. Notar o que erroneamente chamamos de "defeito", que sao na verdade, apenas caracteristicas, que pessoalmente tomamos como ruim ou nao. As coisas apenas sao. Voce vai passar pelas meias sujas no chao...Pela cortina manchada. Isso é lindo, e humano. 
O que as pessoas esperam de nós, pq esperam algo sempre e vice versa?
Agora imagine todas essas pessoas que visitamos as casas em um vazio, no meio do nada, sem saber da onde vieram ou quem sao. Sobre oq falariam?
O mundo bidimensinal que existe dentro do quadro (citando meu livro "A Virgem por Etica) é isso. A transição para conseguir apenas "ser". Será que de alguma forma, isso é possivel?
Eu raramente lembro das coisas...Assim no geral. Eu nem sei onde eu estou, levando em consideracao que o redor nao existe.
Mas as pessoas sim, elas existem se a gente deixar. Vivemos em um mundo inventado pelos outros. Eu tambem nunca lembro oq escrevi. É sempre uma surpresa. Tenho até medo na hora de editar. Se voce comecar a criar sua realidade vai perceber que é uma jornada bem solitária. Eu nao quero nada que já exista. Queria conseguir viver varias vezes e criar tudo, os copos a minha volta, animais, cores, letras, linguas. Oq nao quer dizer que eu negaria a dos outros. Pelo contrário, continuaria me maravilhando. As pessoas são especiais. Mesmo as mais tenebrosas. Elas apenas, são.
Existem periodos necessários para evolução, e são solitários. Acontecem de tempos em tempos, e vem sem você querer, é quase uma necessidade, como tomar agua. Essa evolução e auto conhecimento é um pouco perigosa, parece criar um certo desprezo com o mundo fora da bolha. E particularmente esse
é um cuidado a ser tomado, pois se seu anseio
é como o meu, a ideia é libertar as pessoas, não despreza-las. Será que existem mais pessoas que conseguem viver livre do julgamento sobre o próximo? Ninguem tem ideia de como é, entao mesmo se nós transcendermos,
será algo muito pessoal. O bom nunca
é bom para o ruim e vice versa. Entao caimos no papo da própria realidade de volta.

 Enfim, eu estava de olho em algumas imagens de ovos nas mais variadas formas quando voce me ligou."


Bloody Heaven can't wait

"Bloody Heaven" was a idea after think about all the internet feedback thing.. Mixed with a few stuff I am watching and reading lately..
I am not catholic but I studied very hard the bible for a few months, as like some others religions and writers... I surpringly have a favorite quote from the bible

"1 Corinthians 6:12
12 I have the right to do anything,you say but not everything is beneficial. I have the right to do anything but I will not be mastered by anything."

I found this, in many others books, saying in different ways, and never make more sense. We able to do anyhing, and this idea, when our minds are healthy, is the ideal. But mostly, people don't have lot of mind control. They are ok, and good people but metaphoric saying, sometimes we eat non stop popcorn in front of tv. If someone ask we barely know what is going on. But, otherwise, when we know, the power is in our hands.I'm saying that because when we know exactly what we want and we organize our mind to do it, we are not just looking the high point.. We worry and study every rock in the highway, but we not afraid the turbulent moment, we know will be around, but we keep going. IF, a easy way to get there appears, will be kind of disappointing..And off the plans... I want it all but sometimes, the way things come, don't make sense if come in a different way. Refine your pleasure. Turn everything in art. Enjoy slowly.
Go to the desert and put all the temptations in front of you. Test your integrity. In what point you sell your soul?

Love, C

Studio Karma, sarcastically poetic and of course, the story about G

Probably a mixed story...  Few posts a go I wrote about this, as people don't read properly I decided to put in non surrealist words. I can't call this music but I can call sarcastically poetic noises.
I tried to rhyme, but at first don't look right. I have no idea how to make music. But I have lots of ideas to write down and express. So I will scream a lot in the next serie probably, I'm in a rockstart mood lately...

So..Studio Karma is the serie ONE of lot of news. The very junkie and begginer part, not less important. That part we prove ourselves we don't give a shit about the others. The part we need to maintain the respect and self steem high. Believe me, is way faar more difficult don't cheat ourselves then our lovers..Hard work. But magical when achieved.
I would be pleased if you hate so much then you stand up and start something better after throw up.
I would be pleased also if you love becuse well, just because.

Guys reply my instagram story saying I'm sexy, and about how they love my tan lines...I answer:
Yes! Thank you guys! Is what I mean... The good ones will understand
Because I don't

Had a time I was very into strangers...And luckily I met...Let's call him "G". Well, I met G in a party which I was not invited. I was just walking on the street when one of my favorite songs was playing somewhere...Inside a cool house in East London...Hoxton, geographically talking; and well...The door was quite open. So...Not many like and play this track...I needed to check this out... And the first person i saw, was G, a guy who was peeing outside a few minutes before. He said something bad/weird about my hairstyle. I was just fascinated..Pretty eyes, curly blonde hair, tall, tan skin and brutally honest. I'm so in.
We had a long conversation and after that, a great time on the dancefloor. G show me some nice moves, he is definitely a groovy guy. Very nice.
Well.. I will jump a part...But must say (not needed) I was very into him..And I never get crazy about someone..But he definitely had something special.
I woke up at his place. The messiest place I ever had. 

Was cold and he didn't had my number I didn't get his number also. He was sleeping. God...He's good. Well, I just left my business card...On the floor. (??? Well, I'm not sure about what I pretend???)
Three days later, I get a text
" You shouldn't  left your business card laying around in a strange man bedroom"

Here you can check a very raw compilation of the facts....


Groovy Music Daily Spotify


Estilo - na sua real forma

Acredito que todos que começaram cedo a escutar, apreciar e estudar musica tem uma personalidade ou estilo muito característico. E quando eu cito esses três "adjetivos" eu realmente quero enaltecer o tema com fiéis apreciadores. Provavelmente se você faz parte desse montante passou por diferentes gêneros musicais durante a sua vida e cada um participou severamente da criação de um estilo próprio e uma personalidade autêntica, não só visualmente falando. Assim como literatura e outras formas de arte.
Caso você tenha começado e está até hoje no mesmo gênero (musical, literario etc), eu não chamaria de uma apreciação autêntica. Eu chamaria de pré fabricada. No fim, até os que você não gosta (leia-se: repudia) estão inseridos nesse mix para contribuir com o que chamamos de "estilo". Qualquer sentimento não sendo morno, nesse caso pode vir a contribuir.

Essa palavra sempre me doeu um pouco os ouvidos... "estilo".
Certa vez na minha adolescência li o poema chamado "Style" do Bukoski que me fez todo sentido, fazendo do "Estilo" uma conseqüência de suas referências culturais e atitute. Uma não tentativa.

Tomando isso como verdade, tendo pouco a ver ou ate nada com a moda em si, apesar de uma grande confusão e discordância sobre (medíocre, diga-se de passagem). Aqui vão algumas notas (tristes) sobre como o seu verdadeiro significado e talvez ate motivo, se você quiser chamar assim, foi e é corrompido e mal interpretado.

O visual pessoal hoje em dia não faz tanto sentido quanto deveria. Existem as pessoas mais discretas que não tornam seu estilo em algo visual a ser compartilhado. O que me interessa muito.
Geralmente guardamos tanta informação que acaba sendo uma necessidade passar para o "lado de fora", não uma opção. Mas aí isso ficaria restrito a artistas. E estilo não é algo que só cabe a artistas. 
Estilo acaba sendo sobre sentir alguma coisa, mesmo sendo ruim. No fim, até os mais pesados são grandes românticos, ampliando o que realmente essa palavra significa.
Quando você se enquadra nas três primeiras características citadas do texto, você provavelmente "can relate" com o que escuta/lê/etc de uma forma longe do superficial. Não importa se são gritos satânicos, católicos, ou uma bando de gangsters. São letras ou melodias que te despertam algo, que te fazem sentir parte desse algo ou te influencia em ir para lá, pois de alguma forma você também sente o que está sendo "dito", e acaba criando e nos levando para certo "lifestyle".

A minha lamentação é uma grande apreciação errônea de uma característica tao unica sendo jogada na privada e usada pela burguesia de forma fraca e sem o menor sentido. O que chamam de estilo hoje, na maioria das vezes não faz jus ao seu real significado. Algo que era pra ser natural despertando qualquer tipo de surpresa, curiosidade e novidade, no fim é raso e não significa nada. As pessoas engolem porque raramente conhecem o que é novo e pouco tem curiosidade com o que esta behind. É fácil, é rápido, é comercial. 
Eu, surpreendentemente respeito essa postura. Ate porque grande parte das pessoas que eu conheço e convivo consomem essa ideia. Mas pensem que quando vocês reclamam que algo parece louco, ridículo, chocante ou qualquer que seja a nomenclatura que utilizam, nós raramente apontamos sobre como vocês parecem entediantes para nós. E não digo de uma forma visual, apesar de claramente fazer parte desse pacote. Estar elegante, poucas as vezes tem a ver com ter estilo. Aprendam.

A falta de curiosidade e auto conhecimento me indignam. As pessoas terem "gostos" tão parecidos e engolirem o que foi estabelecido me indigna. A falta de uso do seu self, auto estudo, sem desbravar sua própria mente e pouco afim de saber do que é capaz (no quesito potêncial) me indigna. Ninguém é ignorante, devo concordar com os budistas. Algumas pessoas só não estão interessadas em mudar, em sair da zona de conforto, se conhecer e evoluírem. Se distrair com o que te dão é claramente mais fácil. Tipo um animal. Você esta dentro de casa sendo alimentado todo dia, quentinho etc.. Por que você vai pular a janela e ver o que acontece fora? Andar sozinho? Ter tempo com você mesmo, refletir sobre o que você realmente aprecia. Talvez você nem goste daquela comida que te dão todos os dias.

A quem diga que ser artista, com ideias que divergem dos demais é imaturo. Mas os mesmos consomem a arte de forma tola, em todos os âmbitos. Bom, de qualquer forma, mesmo com sua ignorância, nós agradecemos.
 Se no âmbito cultural é assim, nem vamos falar sobre o politico. "É muito arriscado". Convivemos com um bando de cagões.  E esse papo não tem mais nada a ver com musica ou moda. Tem a ver com um povo medroso, em todos os âmbitos. Essa, infelizmente é a verdade.

PS: Toda vez que eu começo a falar ou escrever sobre assuntos como esse, sendo clara, sempre bem sincera minha família e pessoas próximas gentilmente dizem que fazendo isso eu estou "perdendo dinheiro" ou amigos. Obrigada por lembrar, mas, se for para mentir, não estou interessada. E você também não deveria. E entenda o deveria como uma ordem e me corrija, por favor. Do whatever the fuck you want. Isso sim.


Boogie Morning + Fragmento do livro "A Virgem por Ética"

7 A.M

Well, here some of my mood lately. I dress to myself because where I live have nothing to do, so I dress up to go to grocery store or do some very casual stuff, feeling very true with myself. When I lived in London I was incredible happy, then when I back two years a go to my hometown I felt so bad, because I was not "allowed" to go out wearing what I want to without people judge me. After lot of meditation I realized the problem was me, not the others. So I start to wear what I truly believe... Expressing what romantics call "Inner Beauty". The doorman always think I'm going to a costume party or probably think I work with something like that, but now I think this is pretty fun. When I was younger I had no idea how to deal with it properly and get offended sometimes. Don't feel bad.
Free your spirit!

Abaixo mais um fragmento do meu livro "A Virgem por Ética"

"...No espaço que Clovs e as Seis Virgens moravam havia um pequeno cabrito nos fundos guardando uma porta dourada. O cabrito era bem bonitinho. Eles trocaram algumas palavras, mas Clovs não costumava ir muito até lá. Adorava andar mas era um trajeto meio chato, sempre chovia. Só na sala do cabrito havia acesso discado a internet. Não existia Google nem nada, mas ele conseguia fazer algumas pesquisas por lá.
Carla nessa manhã moveu o quadro de lugar. Após dois anos. A Virgem do meio gritou:
- Uhul!!!!!! Vamos viajar
Clovs ficou preocupado, foi para sua cadeira irritado e pensou:
-Ela vai se livrar de nós! ...."


Ease our minds, together + Loff Weekly #2 playlist

It's all about don't try too hard.. The thing actually is not try at all.
Everyone want to look like someone. School and parents look like to agree with that. I want to help young people to think. Mix all the things you really love.. Forget your friends and family for a moment, who are you deeply?? Be that.
If you don't know you can maybe try a list...Like...Things you love..Example
Eggs (food and aesthetic form)
Plastic Gloves
The word "Groovy/Groove"
My brother
Red House by Hendrix
Open my window and take a deep breath
vintage stuff
walk on the street after midnight with a bad and kind of cold weather couples in love
You can do the same..Start to give attention to your favorite personal stuff..And you can spend more time by yourself enjoying this.
Otherwise..I woke up kind of overthinking today; Be honest with yourself is more difficult than be honest in a relationship...We have no idea  how hard and how much effort we need to put on our relationship with ourselves..Totally worth it, sure...But in middle of the way you can turn into a difficult person to love, because you don't NEED the attention and stuff.. It's a fresh and light way, a totally new path for love... Wait, the fact you don't need is just a fact, a healthy fact..Believe me. Love is better when you don't need. You appreaciate, you love deeply, but the intention is about give love and make your family, friends and lovers happy just being you and inspiring, and help people and be a light person will became your real need. 
Not a lot of people act like that, not lot of people are light, so, you will notice when you start this deep relationship with yourself that people will not exactly get you. And will know what? This doesn't matter! The good ones will respect you, and some incredible ones are already on this path and can inspire you to keep going.
I was watching a documentary last night, one of my favorites "Europe After Rain" is about Dadaism. In some point the inspiration after some time start to growing 100% from inside, more like a spiritual thing...
I think when you start to create, like the first years creating something, is all about what your subconscious choose as favorite and what match with you and touch you mostly...In movies, music, people, scenes, architecture, nightmares, streets, I don't know, even what you think is not important.
Even if you create incredible avant garde and authentic things, you will notice after some years, will turn into something like a meditation. The inspiration will come from nothing, in a very spiritual and transcending level, without you try. 
I can do lot of stuff..As painting, photographing, performing...But at first of all I need to write all this stuff down...Can became a photo, a paiting, a novel, a video clipe, a lyric...I never know. And this, for me became trascending.
Is what I call Art. Is the type of healthy "need" you can mantain. Is not a option not do.You just do.
Let's make this week great! X,

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In The Valley of Love..I Won't Rest


I woke up thinking about some 70s porn movies soudtracks..But same way a 80s outfit, so I kind of mixed the both... Look like sexual stuff used to be more normal that time, in movies, music or appearance...Was more usual see people feeling confortable with the sex subject and their bodies.
 Now, people get scared or take the conversation wrong. Doesn't mean nothing. I love all the mise en scene around it... The looks, movies, music.. And well... I'm able to express what I'm into. So tonight I'm watching one of my favorites "Boogie Nights". And after that probably a real french 70s "Le Genou de Claire"... Really good, you should watch...
Here my monday mood...........


Why beautiful mean f* nothing.............


WELL... I have four stories for you guys... I don't know how to start but I will try with the one that happened before I flight to Italy last week... 
At first I was talking with a male friend about relationship, he was saying his ex girlfriend is incredible good looking and he used to feel bad about that.. All the attention and looks she get at clubs restaurants and stuff.. Well.. I felt so annoyed with this... How a handsome, crazy talented, good looking guy can felt so insecure because appearance? I don't know.. Look like people just felt insecure about outside beauty, and the personality (inner beauty) is just a unconscious problem... People don't understand what really annoy us is not because you feel less pretty than someone.. Is because sometimes we feel less powerful...And is not about things you have wear or own... Example... When you are in a good mood, happy, feeling confortable with yourself and go out just good things and good people come up.
Maybe you look like shit but you had such a good energy, doesn't matter. 
I'm not prudish I love tall handosome guys, obviously...But a weird short can get my attention in 10 minutes talk and the tall handsome can lost me in 3... So, the pretty can get ugly very fast... 
Maybe the beauty is not what I fall for.. Maybe for you this can work well.. I always search for something I can't understand... In a light way. When someone are very unique and move, talk or do things in a way I never notice in no one before. This is so sexy. Authenticity and no shame to be who you are. Maybe my concept about sexy and beautiful are so diffent that's why I feel so free and confortable about my body.
Well, so I was overthinking about it... And I wrote before one time about how we grown up being kind of forced by family school or society to like puppies, babies and flowers. Sometimes we just don't. Sometimes we don't like sunsets. 
I flight to Positano, Amalfi Coast for a week...Everyone said is beautiful and I would love. Yes... Probably too beautiful..I feel nothing with what you call a "breathless view"...It's nice. 
And for me,work the same way with people... Maybe if I had studied the story of the place maybe I can relate one day.. 
Get it? So I take lot of photos of a nice view who don't make any sense for me.. Oh... had one actually I really liked..

And the other photos below I really think... Well.. I think they are ok.

Oh.. Here was my last day..Very lovely... A adventure with someone very cool!! I will write soon about this..

That's it...... I get very tanned... Good stuff...

X, C

The Dancing Room Under the Tree with a Little Blue Door - Not my favorite but good for a drink

I made a weird choise a few months a go... I moved to a boring city... where I can write better, with less distractions..Less fun, less friends, less everything.... I'm not sure if was the right thing but definitely made me think more about life and my goals.. And now, I'm finally done.
I have a very simple process before start to write... Like..I was finishing my book and a song made me change the whole last chapter.. Because of a chorus saying something about the guy shaving his head in her brand new carpet. Surprisingly my first chapter is pretty clear about a room, with a orange carpet... I just saw this coming back...Not exactly saw, because my contact lense was kind of blury, but i definitely watch my main character making some fresh coffee with a orange coat with giant buttons... I think his vision was kind of blury also.. But is a good thing... He can see clearly now something that people with clear vision can't...With a different aesthetic. 
I don't know if you read the previous posts about "The Ethic Virgin" but, if you have read probably you noticed is lot about "rooms". And here come a new one: The Dancing Room Under the Tree with a Little Blue Door - Not my favorite but good for a drink. There was the main piece of art ... Cigarette...Bubblegum... STAIRS.
About my female character, well... The guys are crazy about her. A very easy going person at first. AT FIRST. At her kitchen had all types of eggs.. She actually wrote a very weird cook book just using eggs... I think she was arested after that because had a few recipes with plastic, bugs and caps. But she's breathtaking and lovely, don't get me wrong, very honest after a black hole hostel period (can fit in all forms). You know being honest in 2016 is a fucking hell right? People are shit mostly. Very lonely choise. She don't have any pets because she like to sleep with the door closed. Any boyfriend for the same reason if you get me. 
I think this is it for today guys.. SATURDAY NIGHT HUH???? Well..meh.. I'm home.. 
Here my playlist " They always Fall in Love with my Fictional Character "
People saw me on clubs and street and get surprise I'm normal... Well.. sorry to desapointing... I wear decent clothes...MOstly

(lovely right?)