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The salty wet kiss. A few seconds transcending the eternity

By 16.7.17

(image from one of my favourite movies "La Piscine" 1969)

I can't help it...Maybe being romantic doesn't match with my visual aesthetic, strong sexy and empowering, but, I'm the person who cries after a deep gratitude meditation, because, well...because I'm happy and super grateful.
I catch myself for years writing and hiding my words about love, probably I was too afraid to look weak..and something I've been noticing is, most of the people mistake kind gestures with weakness...Mistake gratitude and compliments with weakness...I get surprised all the time with this type of feedback.
I was at my gramma place for lunch and before it, I thank her for the beautiful food preparation and lovely table, and she, laughing said "amen"...In a sarcastic way. I didn't understand why... I didn't get offended but I'm just paying attention in some "normal" behaviours.
Anyway, I'm very happy lately demonstrating more of my gratitude, and with my daily deep meditation routine.
I was wondering this morning a scene in my fav place on earth, Positano..I love Italian summer. You breathe love. I'm not sure for who I wrote that or if is just a wish, or if I visualised a couple in a love scene. But while you read try to imagine. Is a beautiful scene...

First, play my Mediterranean playlist...

"A wet kiss by a guy who just runs out the sea for your beloved one arms, taste like the eternity. That's how I can define eternity in a love aspect.
Can be very pleasant...A salty wet kiss when the sun is high as our passion and admiration. But without the connection of values and consistency with mind body and soul, will become just a distraction. A distracting kiss. Not enough.
Let's not content with not enough. In a certain way, I doubt. In such special moment in such special place, probably and almost sure the universe would never put a common person with someone so special and transcendent like you, the higher self just attracts other higher ones. So, I can call it love. The salty wet kiss. A few seconds transcending the eternity"

Sending love,

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